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Is the most successful method of achieving your health and fitness goals as it utilizes the most effective exercise and nutrition strategies so that you continuously progress. 

In a private setting, you will receive personalized fitness  training on achieving long term results through  uniquely challenging and varied workouts.  Each personal training session will be a different combination of fitness platforms that are designed to keep your muscles adaptive to your training.  Your Body By Jeanai trainer will make on-going modifications to your workout as your body demands greater levels of functionality, intensity and range of motion to keep your training progressive.  

Looking for a jump start with your fitness journey and don’t want to go it alone?  Instructed by your doctor to start exercising for health reasons?  Training for a specific sports event or marathon and could benefit from additional cross training?  Need a challenging maintenance fitness program?  Well, if you fit any of these profiles then look no further because Body By Jeanai Group Fitness Training Programs are the solution for you!  You’ll be surprised how the group setting offers more benefits than you may think.  

Learn more about Body By Jeanai Group Fitness Programs:  Boot Camp , Core Stability TrainingLI-HI Body BlastMega Meltdown and ZUMBA Fitness.

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