Core Stability Training Flyer
PHASE 2 - 2018
Flatten Your Abdomen & Body Sculpt With Success!

WHEN:  Tuesdays, 3/6/2018- 4/10/2018

TIME:     7:05 PM - 8:35 PM

             Limited space so register early!
             Beginners to Advanced Welcomed!


LOCATED:    1834 West 80th Street - Chicago, IL

    You'll need a 65cm or 75cm Stability Ball,
    5lb and/or  8lb dumbbells, an exercise mat
    and a bottle of water.
Program Focus:  To Train/Rely on Core Muscles

Δ  Convert sedentary fat tissue to active lean tissue
Δ  Increase metabolism
Δ  Decrease body fat
Δ  Shed unwanted pounds and inches
Δ  Tone problem areas
Δ  Increase energy, strength, endurance, stamina,
    agility, reaction speed, coordination and balance.
Δ  Compliment to all strength training programs

Program Cost:  $150 (Nutritional Meal Plan Included)
Program Duration:  6 weeks 

To register call:  (773)865-4433
Fitness Instructor: 
Jeanai Chassagne
Visa / MasterCard /Discover Accepted via
PayPal available online

   The Benefits Are:
   Core Muscle Co-contraction
   Which will burn the fat off the abdomen leaving it      flat, elongated and defined!

   Dynamic Mix Cardio Blast
   Which will strengthen the cardiovascular system,     increase metabolism & quickly create an intense     fat burn!

   Muscle Conditioning
   Which will incorporate your core strength, tone &     strengthen target muscle groups, while leaving         your entire body sculpted!

In this exercise program you will receive the best from Cardio, Body Sculpting and of course Core Training!  The focus of this core program is to address abdominal distention and under-developed lower back muscles by combining weighted, functional and dynamic movements that are specific to strengthening the core and sculpting individual body parts.  You will learn how to rely on your internal core stabilizers through both isometric and multi-muscular movements to promote abdominal strength and toning while achieving ultimate fat burn and simultaneously balancing on a stability ball.

The Body By Jeanai LLC Core Stability Training Program won’t be your easiest challenge but it will undoubtedly be amongst your most effective and rewarding ones!!
So, Don’t Delay—Commit and Invest in Your Health Today!

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