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Where is the Body By Jeanai Boot Camp located?
We are conveniently located in the Gymnasium Building located 1834 West 80th Street in Chicago, Illinois.

Is it an indoor or outdoor boot camp?

How physically fit do I need to be to join?
Body By Jeanai designed this boot camp with EVERYONE in mind! This unique boot camp progresses in a fashion where all fitness levels from the novice to the most avid exerciser are safely accommodated.  Beginners will be shown modifications for the exercises requiring more strength, agility and endurance. Each time you come back to a boot camp session you’ll find that you can do more, for longer periods of time and feel stronger upon completion.  The avid exerciser and fitness fanatics won’t be ignored either!  No one will leave feeling unchallenged!  The Body By Jeanai Boot Camp goal is to burn as much fat and build as much lean muscle as possible as the weekly challenges progress but only upon your capabilities and/or limitations.  This is a result-oriented fitness program that has a friendly family feel. You will inspire yourself and encourage all the boot campers around you with your body sculpting results.

What types of exercises are included in the program?
Exercises include: Yoga, cardio conditioning, core conditioning, functional training, muscular strength training, dynamic muscular training, weightless strength training, agility training, circuit training and much more.

When do we meet?
Registered participants will meet every Saturday morning at 6am.  Boot camp ends at 8:30am. 

When does the next boot camp start?
See our remaining boot camp schedule on the top left sidebar of this page.

If I want to register for the remaining sessions can I receive a discount?
If you are one of the many people who knows the only way to get the physical results you want is through commitment, discipline and consistency then click the VIBC button to your right to learn more about the Body By Jeanai VIBC Membership Program and the investment incentives and rewards it offers.

Who participates in boot camp?
Everyday people!  Everyone there has a goal to get healthy and fit.  Some are looking for a jump start on their fitness journey while others are looking for that challenging program to take their fitness efforts to the next level. In any given boot camp phase you may have someone to the right of you who is 25 years old and someone to the left of you who is 65. The boot camp is open to both men and women however; we average one to two male participants per phase. You can expect a some diversity, a lot of discipline and dynamic results!

How soon will I see results?
Muscles have memory; therefore performance improvements can take place in as little as one week. Depending your activity level and diligence with following the provided boot camp meal plan throughout the week, noticeable physique improvements can be seen by you and others in as little as two weeks.  Without deviation from the boot camp workouts and meal plans, you can lose up to 15 pounds and drop 1 to 2 dress sizes by the 6-week completion of a boot camp phase.

What do I need to bring?
You will need an exercise mat, 2 pairs of small hand weights (5-8 lbs.), water bottle and an open mind.

Why should I participate?
Participating in the Body By Jeanai Boot Camp will first and foremost give you safe, effective and cutting-edge instruction that will give your muscles and cardio respiratory system the stimulation they need to produce the results you want.  You will see dramatic improvements in your daily energy level, strength, endurance alongside your physical appearance in a very short amount of time.  In addition, you’ll meet other professional people who share in the need and desire to make significance improvements to their health and fitness levels.  This is not only one of the most economical Body By Jeanai body sculpting fitness solutions but certainly one of the most result-oriented ones! Lastly, you will have worked out and burned up to 1,850 calories before the rest of the world has even gotten up! Stay ahead of the game and find out more about the Body By Jeanai Boot Camp Biggest Loser Contest and our VIBC Membership Program!

Is there a refund policy?
If you are unable to attend boot camp due to circumstances out of your control and we are notified 72 hours prior to your registered sessions start date, we can offer you a credit towards a future boot camp. This credit will have to be used within a 3 month time frame from your originally registered boot camp. This credit is non-transferable. Sorry, there is no cash refund. and this is policy is non-negotiable.

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