Body By Jeanai takes great pride in our unparalleled group fitness training programs.  The unique design of Body By Jeanai group fitness training was created to produce overall increments in strength, flexibility, agility and endurance while achieving the highest results from which each individual program was muscularly engineered to address.  We have offered group fitness training since one year after our doors opened in 2000 and have plans to expand and offer even more.

Body By Jeanai group fitness programs layers innovation, diversity and intense functional training without ever coming close to mental burnout or the physical plateau that often group fitness programs or workout videos fall prey to.  Body By Jeanai group fitness training programs were created to stimulate muscle production for every fitness level while providing the type of fitness challenge that promotes the most intense levels of fat burn and muscle growth and simultaneously keeping you mentally and emotionally engaged.  Everyone leaves each session feeling “worked-out” and a sense of personal achievement.

Benefits from Group Fitness Training:

Currently offered Body By Jeanai Group Fitness Training Programs:

Group Fitness Training