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Nutrition has the most important role in getting fit. It's a commitment you should make for the rest of your life. A healthy, nutritionally balanced diet will give you more energy during your workouts which leads to better results. Properly controlled caloric intake will decrease your body fat and allow you to supply your growing muscles with the nutrients they need.

We'll ask you to keep a journal of your diet and supply you with an customized nutritional meal plan. Together, we'll analyze problem areas. We'll advise you on diet modifications you can make immediately to maximize the results of your exercise program. Our goal is to help you lose fat, build muscle, increase your energy, and improve your overall level of health.

This component of fitness can be more challenging for some than others.  Holidays, birthdays and other special events sometimes throw people off track.  If a clearer understanding of caloric intake is needed or understanding nutritional labels, portion control or just choosing the right foods, then please click the button and sign up for one of our quarterly Healthy Shopper  Seminars & Tastings
Do You Sabotage Your Salad?
Many health conscious people order the healthiest salads and sabotage them with high in fat and/or sugar types of dressings. You can easily take this perfectly portioned 290 calorie salad that offers 35g of protein and 5g of fat to that of the unthinkable. Just by adding 2 Tbsp of a rich white creamy Cesar’s dressing, this salad can shoot up to 590 calories, 25g of fat with the addition of 310mg of sodium and 15mg of cholesterol.  

In a flash, you can go from a health conscious meal offering the leanest of protein, colorful fruits and veggies that are full of antioxidants to something that carries the same calories and fat as a couple of fried chicken wings.

Avoid the salad sabotage by selecting low-fat dressings  that contain no more than three to five grams of fat per serving.  These salad dressings have a great mix of herbs and spices and are pleasing to the palate. The reduction of saturated fats will be negligible to your taste buds but much friendlier to your heart, arteries, cholesterol levels and waistline!

Struggling with your diet and need some advice?  Contact me by

to request an evaluation of your nutritional consumption for a 5 day period. After the fifth day, you will receive dietary tips on what's missing and what needs to be modiefied to compliment a healthy lifestyle and /or reaching your desired fitness goals.  To get started: Send your email request, then simply come back here, press the purple bar below and begin tracking your meals and activity daily on the form provided.  Don't forget to press the "Submit" button at the end of the form. 
Remember small dietary changes can carry an enormous calorie lowering impact!
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