Personal Training

Here at Body By Jeanai, our number one goal for personal training is to safely help you achieve your health and fitness goal whether it is weight loss, muscle gain, total body conditioning, sports conditioning, improving flexibility, increasing bone density and blood flow, improving posture, getting in shape for an upcoming special event or embarking on a health and wellness customized exercise program to improve your overall fitness level.  Body By Jeanai will develop a program to achieve your fitness goals and objectives.

Body By Jeanai Personal Training capitalizes on a mix of traditional training techniques with the most recent kinetic training instruction to maximize the hour and receive the highest fat burning and muscular building benefit which brings the greatest strength and body sculpting results without injury every time. 

During your hourly personal training sessions, Body By Jeanai trainers will motivate and educate so that you not only receive your desired physical results but gain the knowledge you’ll need to maintain them, from both a physical and nutritional standpoint.  

Body By Jeanai Fitness programs stress the importance of making fitness and healthy eating habits a part of your everyday lifestyle as custom meal plans are included. Additional Benefits from Personal Training:

Building strength without bulk
Healthy Weight Loss
Body Fat Reduction 
Precise Movement 
Proper Breathing 
Body Core Stabilization 
Balance and Flexibility
Cardio Conditioning
Sports Conditioning
Body Sculpting 
Body Awareness and Good Posture 

Personal Training